Hi, there!

You may notice that my website is under construction at the moment (she’ll be a beauty very soon), but no worries! If you’re curious about working with me, please read below to get a sense of who I am and how I can help you tell your story and make an impact.


Everyone has a compelling story to tell, but not always the ability or the resources to tell it.

That’s where I come in.

As a freelance journalist and editor, I take the time to engage with my sources and really listen to what they have to say. It’s my job to make sure people are heard.

When I’m not covering news stories for a variety of local and national publications, I offer my copywriting and editing services for businesses, and have particularly enjoyed working with entrepreneurs and startups in hardware technology, intellectual property, finance, and personal and professional development.

Entrepreneurs, businesses, and non-profit organizations also have stories to tell, and it’s my goal to help my clients make the biggest impact they can by crafting and refining their message, and providing feedback through consultations.

I’m currently based in Ottawa, Canada and have also lived and worked in Liverpool, England, Nairobi, Kenya, and Accra, Ghana.

Need an experienced journalist to efficiently write up an article or a content strategist for your next project? Let’s get in touch: monique.elliot@gmail.com